You can see a little insight into our car pool on this site . Our vehicles are very exclusively equipped. Cleanliness is our top priority.

50 seater

Setra 516 Hdh

I am a Setra 516 HDH Topclass with Euro 6. I am equipped with **** superior equipment with 74 cm seat spacing, a panoramic roof, 19 inch screen and front camera so that my guests can follow the entire route. I have also installed a coffee and drinks machine, which my guests can use to get their own drinks while they are driving.

36 Seater


I am a Setra 511 HD Topclass.  I am equipped with **** superior equipment, like my big brother. I also have the large seat spacing of 74 cm and the 19 inch screen.

With 36 seats and a length of 10.4 m, I can also get to regions that my brother unfortunately cannot go to.

I am the perfect option for smaller groups.

17 Seater

mercedes Sprinter

I’m the smallest in the Quaxibus family

With 17 seats and my **** equipment, I can keep up with my half-siblings.

I also have a screen on board to watch a cozy movie.

I am the perfect option for smaller groups of till 17 people.

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